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Welcome to Our Little Friends Daycare Academy LLC, A place to learn, love, and laugh.

We understand you have a choice in childcare, and we consider it a privilege that you chose us to be an important par​t of your child’s life and learning experience.

Here we believe good relationships are built on good communication.

It is our goal to support parents in the care of their child(ren) by providing a child-centered, family-oriented program, which promotes a developmental approach to the social, emotional, physical and cognitive growth of children. We believe these areas of growth do not evolve separately, but rather support and strengthen each other.

We hope to accomplish these goals by offering child-oriented and carefully planned educational learning experiences through nurturing, music, art, dramatic play, manipulatives, games, outdoor play, and creative activities and teacher directed activities.

Our Team

Nakia Neal


Nakia Neal taught Middle School Special Education,Also was a 

 Math Tutor &  English Tutor, taught ESOL Students

Jane Gatewood


Sonya Harpole


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